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This is a Painting Show

This exhibition brings together thirteen contemporary Irish painters. It is a simple show proposition gathering new paintings from artists who explore paint in its gestures, surfaces, and how it can affect. The show title is a clear ploy. It is a show about painting and also about how painting can communicate. The exhibition title and display is made intricate through [...]

‘Jamu’ Has Landed!

  Jamu has landed at Nash 19! MuTonics are supplying us with this immune boosting tonic that puts a pep in your step. Recently listed as one of Ireland's Top 30 Food Experiences to try in 2019, Clovis Ferguson and Ruth Calder-Potts' Jamu Tonic is one to watch. "A powerful tonic made from Turmeric, Ginger and other powerful herbs [...]

Claire’s Words of Wisdom in the Sunday Business Post

"Find whatever it is that will allow you to totally switch off, then do it regularly." Claire's advice to anyone in Ireland thinking of getting into the art of Restaurat eurship. Claire appeared in Gillian Nelis' write up in the Sunday Business Post alongside other Irish restaurant owners giving their top tips. https://www.businesspost.ie/magazine/get-cooking-stay-cooking-436154

Claire Shares Christmas Advice with the Evening Echo

Be the hostess with the most this Christmas! GET yourself ready first or you’ll be that person with the red face and hair in a pony-tail when your guests arrive; appoint a helper to answer the door’ and have lip gloss stashed around the place to retouch. These are just some of the invaluable nuggets of advice shared by [...]

Where is the What if the What is in Why?

Where is the What if the What is in Why?* is a group exhibition exploring how artistic strategies investigate and represent peripheral and threshold spaces. These in-between places have long held magnetism for creative searching and experimentation. The histories and potentials that lie within such places may cast generative powers that can support re-imaginings of our worldly connections. The [...]

Miriam O’ Connor – Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

Blue and Green should never be seen is a collection of new photographs by Miriam O’ Connor. This ongoing series explores her return to the family farm where she grew up in County Cork, a homecoming that was precipitated by the death of her brother in 2013. In these new works, O’ Connor uses the camera to map out [...]

The Project Twins – Sticky Thoughts

Sticky Thoughts is a collection of new prints and paintings by The Project Twins. Humour, irony and wit pervade their work while bold and playful graphics explore ideas of absurdity, identity and curiosity. Their use of minimal forms and bold shapes, rooted in the visual language of graphic design and semiotics, result in work that appears to directly communicate [...]