Claire Nash’s bustling city centre restaurant is just a stone’s throw from the English Market – the source of much of the local and indigenous produce they are known for – and it will celebrate 30 years in business in 2022. Having evolved over the years it now includes a wine bar, a food and gift shop, and Sternview gallery, which showcases Contemporary Irish Art exhibitions. But some things never change and ‘Simple food cooked honestly’ has always been their mantra, which explains why this warm and friendly place has such a dedicated following. Claire is also very involved with community food projects, including the annual Long Table dinners that were a highlight each summer until the pandemic struck. Once that happened, the ‘Eat on the Street’ outdoor dining project became the new focus and, together with other nearby restaurants, Nash 19 created a vibrant dining scene that kept the city alive and supported producers and other suppliers during an exceptionally challenging time. And always with that wonderful smile. See full post here….